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Previous Book Summaries

Thank You for Being Late
An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving
in the Age of Accelerations
by Thomas Friedman

The Great Risk Shift
The Assault on American Jobs,
Families, Healthcare, and Retirement
and How You Can Fight Back
by Jacob S. Hacker

The New Jim Crow
Mass Incarceration in the
Age of Colorblindness
by Michelle Alexander

America’s Century of Regime
Change from Hawaii to Iraq
by Stephen Kinzer

How Fracking Ignited the
American Energy Revolution
and Changed the World
by Russell Gold

The Little Blue Book
The Essential Guide to
Thinking and Talking Democratic
by George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling

Who Stole the American Dream?
by Hedrick Smith

Reason: Why Liberals Will
Win the Battle for America
by Robert Reich

The American Story
Conversations with Master Historians
by David Rubenstein

The Self Made Myth
the Truth about How Government
Helps Individuals and Businesses Succeed
by Brian Miller and Mike Lapham

Profiles in Courage
by John F. Kennedy


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